When I was a kid I use to enjoy breaking down words that explained the job within the name. Like cheerleader they lead cheers or drum-major they are the major drum. Well the word freestyle is just what it says free style, your style set free. It is also known as spitting off the dome or coming off the top. Some people believe freestyle is not thought through, this is not true. The freestyle is being able to see the end work of art before it is created then working as you go to get to that end. Knowing what you want to say but not deciding until you say it. My poetry is a freestyle. It can only be fully expressed when the moment hits me. Through these words you can see a more authentic me coming off the top.

Let It Go

Would you embrace the frame?
Or should I stay just where I am?
Heart too fine to scamper here or there.
Or wager lofty or shallow for bargains that cant be settled.… Continue reading →

I Met the Devil

The day I met thee,
I didn’t see the tree.
The forest before me was the key,
To grander that confused me.
As I played in your silence,
You deceived me.… Continue reading →


Longing to know you,
The path not once clear.
Myself only not at all what you want,
I feel unwelcome.
Aspiring to boast of someone genuine,
Interested, far from being tolerated.
Seek to be my friend, everything you claim to be.
Respect me.… Continue reading →

Wake Up

Henceforth you want to wake up.
Open your psyche and gain transparency.
Be plugged-in to the wilderness.
Try to think simple but not be simple. … Continue reading →