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Faithfully Madame is inspiration for myself and others to search for truth and meaning in all we do.

Hello there, Madame Woo here and welcome to Faithfully Madame. I am a mother of 3, freelance writer, and business owner. My social life consists of my children and binge watching TV shows.

I pride myself on being able to get by with just the necessities, but now they call it minimalism.

I created this project to inspire myself to search for my truth. Desiring to share my self-expression and not be afraid to look within. Finding my faults and working daily to elevate the low parts of my being. Inspiring others to not look down but up, as you grow and excel.

Recent Posts

Caution to the Wind

I can move freely even with wisdom and stop being inertia, weighed down by the decisions of my past. I must be able to say by now that I have learned something. That I am wiser and of greater character than that girl I once knew. It is time to leave caution to the wind. It is time to regain my innocence.… Continue reading →

The Revolution and the Black American: The Royal Family

We all should understand that our history and present are what will dictate our future. Hope is a deadly force of good and still an evil villain of illusion. I have hope in humanity because it has never backed down from a fight and has always prevailed over time. We have never followed the tide of change, we have pushed it.… Continue reading →

Minimalism & Parenting: Choosing Things That Serve You

As the last of the winter clothes are tucked away into storage and the swimsuits and sunbeams come out, there is a twinkle in the air of modernism and progression. It is all around us not just in fashion, politics, and even business but also in the way we raise our children. The world is screaming for change, it is time that we listen to her. It all seems just a little unconventional yet still a familiar way of life, as though we are returning to an unseen natural way. … Continue reading →

Sexuality Pushing Boundaries in Society

I remember, on an episode of Sex in the City, Samantha, the more sexually fluid of the group, made a prediction on the future of sex being pansexual. It seems to be leaning in that direction in my opinion. It seems to me feminism has open the door to society questioning the traditional gender roles. Once you open the door you do not get to regulate what comes through it, in other words, the floodgates open. … Continue reading →

Let’s Talk Exploring Your Sexuality: A Parenting Challenge

I felt for sometime now in my community that women are sheltered from exploring their sexuality. They are taught to hide and feel ashamed of their bodies. If they do open up and explore themselves even with just one man they are viewed as loose and fast. We lock them away in towers if we even get a whiff of this behavior. We make them hide their exploration.… Continue reading →

Becoming a Spiritual Guide.

We are building human beings here people, what could be more fulfilling than that? The difficult part about our job is that we provide all the tools to our creation but we do not have the final say on what they do with them. Just imagine what it is like for The Creator. The excitement comes from not knowing what will happen. We are not God, we are not all-knowing, and whether we know it or not this is a gift.… Continue reading →

Wait, Am I Independent?

As we teach our children we might learn that we require a good lesson ourselves. It is okay to learn from your children it does not make you less of an adult. It makes you more of an adult as your ability to discern grows. We have to lead by example if we desire for our little chickadees to follow. Another point is not to take things personally. Everyone is entitled to live their own lives, just as you are. Be independent and take control of your life.… Continue reading →

Scarcity of Time: A Parenting Challenge

We are capable of doing anything we put our minds too. Everyone faces challenges, I am sure folks who do not have kids could benefit from this entry. Still, it is something about being a parent that just kicks this game up a notch. … Continue reading →

How I Got My Name: About the Creator

Something awoken in me, it made me ask myself who will you be? Will you be the beggar or the chooser? I had much heartache in the beginning of this journey, but once I was able to embrace the pain of it all, progression was my only desire. Progress in my ability to show my children the world. I am not talking about travel but being able to show my children that it is true, you can be whomever you choose to be regardless of circumstance. It is not about what you have but what you make of what you have. … Continue reading →

Initiating Extracurricular Activities Got you Down?

No better time to grow than with your children. Let them remind you of how special it is to be youthful and innocent. Let them reawaken that spirit in you, so that you do not forget. We call ourselves grown as if because we have different responsibilities we are through growing and maybe physical we are fully developed. However, we still have so much more to learn. Be different, be the change you want to see. … Continue reading →

I Have to Know, Do you Agree to Co-parent?

I want to say that if you are the one making things difficult for yourself, your partner, and your child for whatever reason then stop, easier said than done I know. Take the steps to ask yourself these questions when making a decision. Is this in the best interest of the child? How do I feel right now and why? What are the long term consequences for all involved? How can I help turn things around?… Continue reading →

Don’t Hurt Me Or My Child.

I look to serve the Most High in a world that defies the very exist of life, the walking dead. Wherever my passion leads me, I am willing to follow. The issue voiced now is one that essentially must be shouted from the rooftops. It ought be disclosed everywhere for the masses to see. Yearning to focus on the emotion and fear surrounding the horrific things that are being done to women and children all over the planet. The injustice we face is disturbing, to say the least. The crimes committed against us are overlooked and measureless. The very people that should be protected and cherished are preyed upon by their protectors. … Continue reading →

The Millennial Mommy Disciplines.

I grew up a Southern Baptist and we attended church every Wednesday and Sunday as well as days in between. We went to choir and praise dance rehearsal, as well as any extra activities our faith provided. Anytime there was an opportunity to volunteer our services we were there. I can remember that the Bible pushed me to be obedient. Though I struggled with this and still do to this day. … Continue reading →

Accepting Emotion & Conquering Fear While Healing The Ego.

Remember you are incapable of avoiding yourself. If there is an issue you have with your ego either solve it or accept it, working continuously to improve. I know that some people are born lacking emotion however, this is rare and the majority of beings here experience emotion regularly. The overwhelming emotion I feel usually revolves around my fears of inadequacy. I hate not getting the job done, whatever it may be, to the best of my ability.… Continue reading →

Bringing to Light Your Authority as a Mother.

Believing wholeheartedly that knowledge is earned through understanding thus creating wisdom. No one can give you the truth, you must discover it for yourself. I desire for us to inquire from the inside the imperative questions, demanding to be answered. You may not identify with everything you unearth here or want to pick up every seed and plant it. That is okay, this is about growth everything is not for everyone, be certain of that.… Continue reading →

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