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Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. – Jon Von Jovi

Madame Woo

I developed this online diary on the grounds of having a passion to help people. I hold to the truth that I invariably sought to be a writer. It was one of those aspirations that could not be quit without efforts, unlike my dream to be a singer. I performed and studied music as a child. Let it come at no surprise that I took interest in poetry. From there my love of words and meanings awakened. Bringing forth my philosophical nature and benevolent core. Believing that there must be someone out there that I can relate to and can relate to me as well. Knowing that nothing I could build could ever be a waste. Here at Faithfully Oneself, you can be just that while you discover what that means for you.

How I Got My Name: About the Creator

Something awoken in me, it made me ask myself who will you be? Will you be the beggar or the chooser? I had much heartache in the beginning of this journey, but once I was able to embrace the pain of it all, progression was my only desire. Progress in my ability to show my children the world. I am not talking about travel but being able to show my children that it is true, you can be whomever you choose to be regardless of circumstance. It is not about what you have but what you make of what you have. … Continue reading →