If It Is Not About Race Then Pray tell What Is It About?

It feels good to be back in business.

Hello there, Madame Woo here, and welcome to Faithfully Madame. Bringing you once again all I think, feel, and understand. My life lately has been brimming with creative excitement. I have a dip back in my step, you know, my pimp walk is hot these days as well my pen and paper are on fire. I recently stepped back on the dating scene which has been weird to navigate amid a pandemic, almost impossible. I have still been able to find some pleasure and tolerance in that pursuit. However, that is another story for another time.

Today, I was truly inspired by the black experience, my experience. Though I am not a true believer in the idea of race, I do however know that it is a factor in which things like society and economics are based. Which makes it hard to ignore or look past.

Honestly, though I think it is more than that for me because I stand in the midst of it all being a Black individual. I know that I matter, I shouldn’t have to say that. Remarkably so my wheels started turning and I begin asking myself questions, as per usual. It seems these days that a undertone race war is all we can seem to focus on, it is blatantly in our faces as we draw nearer to the upcoming election.

I ask, if it is not about black or white (because of its non-existence), then what is it about?

A question that was easier to answer than I thought. For me, it is about the revolution, I feel it always comes down to that.

Then what is the revolution?

What then will be televised?

If you desire to change your world then you need only change your view.

A reckoning is coming but it is not for the White oppressor, as we would like to think. I know some of us desire to see them punished, mostly through the capital which they have gain through the free labor of the Black but they have simply done their job. Very well I might add, do not judge my opinion. No, the reckoning is for the indispensable Black master.

The judgment is coming for us and we need to be ready.

We need to step up, we need to evolve. When we evolve the world evolves.

The Black is innovation and innovation is the necessary tool needed in evolution. Without it, we fall prey to the ways of the world. Therefore Black is necessary for evolution. White supremacy is afraid of evolution. They are afraid of the growing mind which is harder to control and abuse. In every way it can, white supremacy fights against our education, in other words, our evolution.

But what exactly should we be educated on, how do we fight against that?

Now we don’t have enough time to break down the education system and what it offers the Black mind. Let us be honest with ourselves, that would take longer than the time we have here but in short form, nothing. Education should be held at high regard in our community. Before we can truly be educated, we must reverse the damaged mind.

I have noticed that even when given good quality information the fool can still waste it and use it against the cause.

I have said this before and I will say it again. The system of oppression really got y’all thinking there is a system of oppression, that is exactly how it works. That is the conditioning of the mind. It is you that must set your mind free. I am not saying that we do not face systemic challenges. Yet, challenges are meant to be overcome, can be overcome, and not always with violence or protesting. In my opinion, both only bring awareness but does not really solve the problem.

The control you seek lies within your own hands.

Change is an inevitable force that cannot be stopped.

If you are waiting for change then you need to wake up and change. Change is happening all around us each and everyday. You can not have your hand out waiting for a favorable outcome to fall into it, that is a shout out to all of my religious people out there. It is a trap you can easily fall prey to, trust me I know.

This is not talking about leftism. I am a firm believer in quality programs that reflect true change in the community. I support socialism. I am talking about acceptance.

How can we expect others to accept us if we do not accept ourselves?

Or how can we expect others to respect us if we do not believe we are deserving of respect?

We do not accept our authority in this world, our human right to live abundantly, to exist. We have been told our place and we have accepted it. Our community must come into its own. The community does not have to include everyone. Everyone will not be able to make it. Still we must desire to put ourselves back together because we have allowed ourselves to be torn apart by outside forces. I know it isn’t fair, the results of slavery, drug wars, mass incarceration but that is not an excuse. It can no longer be our crutch. We now have so much knowledge of the strides our people have taken and the ultimate battles we have lost and won.

It is almost as if why do we have to clean up a mess we did not make, but oh well.

What are some solutions we can start working on today as individuals to clean up this mess and reverse our mindset?


You are the bold type. Discover it.

First and foremost find purpose, the first step in any man’s life. Adam found true purpose therefore he found favor in God. The definition of purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Everyone needs to be justified, a reason for living. Without purpose we are lost, wanderers, taking up space. And let us be honest with ourselves a lot of us are wasted space in the black community, lacking motivation. You have nothing to do and idle hands are the devil’s playthings. If you replace hands with minds, idle minds are the devil’s playthings. You then are not only dangerous to yourself but truly a danger to your people. You work against instead of for evolution.


You are capable of more than you even realize.

Pursue greatness, be ambitious. The definition of aspire is to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. Now that you have purpose build upon that with action. Sometimes finding inspiration can help you get through the hardest of times. If you take your purpose seriously then aspire to be something of great value. You will see the change you seek immediately. We were not meant to just be, or work and die or steal and beg. We need to set goals towards something. There is no better time than now. Start small for life is for living and it is never too late.


Do not deny the power of Love.

Don’t be afraid to love one another, I know, almost sounds like bible school doesn’t it. The golden rule, treat others how you want to be treated. Love can not be defined, we all love in our very own exceptional way. This all may sound passive, docile, or a weak way of thinking but it works in a world full of hate. This is all easier said than done I know but start by loving yourself truly and that will blossom your love and understand of others. This is the lesson you couldn’t quite grasp as a child and has fallen to the waste-side now as an adult as if it is useless. The truth is your heart has hardened. We are a people who have been used and abused for so long it is felt in our DNA, like a curse we carry with us. We haven’t just been abused by the world but also by ourselves. We have turned the outer hatred in. It is hard for us to trust one another. But please put a little love in your heart for your fellow black man. This is essential.


Connect to your higher self through others.

We are a people who thrive off of connection. The definition of connect means to join together to provide access and communication. As well as bring together so that a real or notional link can be established. We have been disconnected for so long it almost feels normal and the new technology-driven society seeks to push us further apart. If you can show love then you can connect through that love and shared aspiration. You can form bonds, relationships, and build a network. You can let your guard down but not senselessly but proactively, and be vulnerable, be human. Great minds can link together and build. To be honest, this is starting to sound like mathematics to me but, everything is by the way mathematics. Let us build a bridge, tethering ourselves together, and anchoring ourselves in the truth.


We are the originators.

We are like God, made in his image. It is our birthright to create, so create like God. Create means to bring into existence. For that reason create, produce, generate, design, develop, and erect things that last. There are so many opportunities for creativity in the black community today. We are essentially starting from scratch. We are building our connections and working to circulate money in our communities. So starting a garden or grocery or landscaping is great. But not just essential businesses are booming. We are in an age of social media and marketing, we need Black content but be sure that whatever you create adds value to the community. You just don’t know how I hate to see people using their creative powers to create hate or disrupt peace, or bring down their people. Value is the key, put back and grow, water us.

I will wrap it up for you guys because it almost sounds like I am preaching. I really could start a church though. I have envisioned this actually but who needs more churches. Makes me think of that song “what is it good for, absolutely nothing”. Don’t judge me for my opinion.

Once we have created an all inclusive people that can survive the revolution then we can begin to rebuild a economic system that works for all that work within it.

We are all on a journey fighting tirelessly to get to an end but why.

Why do we feel that getting to the end is the goal?

How you get there is what matters, your life is what matters. Yes, we have heard it all before, it is not the destination but the journey and the journey does not end with you. We have to see the bigger picture and realize that what we build today must stand tomorrow. It will take the labor of us all, for us all to leave a legacy for the generations to come.

This time everyone will know what it is that we do, what we bring to the table. Remember that everything happening around us is a mere reflection of the journey within. This is not about the world but you.

If you desire to change your world then you need only change your view.


Peace is love, Madame Woo.

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