The Revolution and the Black American: The Royal Family

I don’t have any time to stay up all night worrying about what someone who doesn’t love me has to say about me.

– Viola Davis

Hello there, Madame Woo here, a proud member of The Royal Family and welcome to Faithfully Madame. I have sensed deeply the unrest in the world long before 2020. It is almost as if the Earth’s unrest is normal as if something is coming. Just maybe, that is the hope speaking or my crazy global warming obsession or my terrible mommy worries filled with anxiety. Yet, still from what I know of the past, humanity has a deep desire to repeat it. If we know anything about humanity, we know that they are major screw-ups, evolution is slow and senseless. However, do not tell the human that or he will be offended, for he is the smartest in the universe because he is the only one in the universe. And do not get me started on how much he loves to play God.

The fight continues…

There always has been in history a revolution of the lower totem pole, it has been boiling for some time now, here in America. It is as if it is about to erupt. It seems like the Earth has had enough, I do not know if she will ever be put to rest until humanity has left her. She grows tired and weary of the journey of her inhabitants, everything a mere reflection of the spirit. At times, it seems as though nothing even matters at all.

Who are we without each other?

In the midst of choosing a title, which I do right after I have established a concept, I debated with myself whether or not to title this ‘The Revolution and The Black Woman’, being from my point of view and all. I am so used to thinking about myself and what I am going through. Sometimes I disassociate with men altogether, its been so long since I have had a steady anything. I have not completely given up on men nor do I think that I could but they do not fit into my life at the moment. To be honest, I have been isolated for far too long as the stars have been telling me. Still, I decided that there was no way in hell I would allow myself to separate my fight, our revolution, with that of the man of my color. I mean he already feels like I always abandon him for my pursuits but that is crazy because I always support that man. We do not trail separate paths but the same path, no matter how much we bicker as we go along. And the thing about black men and women is they will have huge fights that break up whole families and communities but still find a way to come back together. It is like that unspoken bound of having each others’ backs no matter how we feel. We just live by a code others do not understand but it works for us and has always. Others may disagree but it is a code I am just fine following into the future as if it is my warrior’s badge of honor.

I know this is not a love letter, still, it seems to have started that way. It is almost a love letter to how much I enjoy walking this road with black men, despite all the dishonorable things we both have done. However, within that love, I found inspiration this week. An intense realization beckoned me, as I now understand why I have always been attracted to black men. I have always looked to my Father, always standing strong and tall. My Father the only constant in my life. It is not that I do not find other men attractive but something about the black man, our struggle, and that beautiful chocolate skin enhances the relationship between us. I crave him on a deeper level that only he and I understand, that he is all man. His drive to make it is my drive to make it. We resonate with one another, we fight the same battle. Though we try hard to deny the truth, about the long destructive history, we both share, somehow we always find our way back to each other despite the forces tearing us apart. That there was just my poetic justice for a deeper truth of mine. And then I realize that I do not have to ask myself any questions because I understand that I am not as overprotective as some. I do not mind sharing this particular gift, a real man, with the world.

Our interracial family…

I recently saw a conversation on Facebook that revolved around black women loving black men like only they can. Almost a laughable topic yet still a serious statement in the mouths of some Black women. This overwhelming battle from long ago between the slave master’s whore and the deceptive slayer of black men. This topic posed a problem for some white women who are in relationships with black men. These women believed that no one could love their black man the way that they could even if she was black because they are in true love. I saw white and black women argue about who loves black men more or better. It seemed almost ridiculous, but it did make me think. Does it matter if you choose to date outside your race? Does it make you or your family any less involved in The Royal Family? Does it offend me? Would I do it? Does it matter? While reading these comments I realized that standing side by side with the black man who I know truly loves me with our beautiful black children is a cherished fantasy of mine held near and dear. I think it was mostly because it was something I had always desired in my own home growing up, like a missing piece. It was always a symbol of the revolution, the symbol of family, of community, of unity. A fight for our beloved future generation which, I understand to be, is what it has always been about? It seems like we are always trying our best to protect our family. Have we lost respect for that fight? Who is family? Who is The Royal Family?

A family does not always have to get along but we have to stick together.

These days, I hear many of our elders who have paved the way for us saying that they do not agree with the protesting. They have been quick to judge the youth and their ability to lead. The very generation that has witnessed more brutality than we have, the ones who gave us a dream. I respect wisdom even though I have liberal views, I still am filled with tradition. I think of the head-space of our youth today, right now. Fired up about seeing history being made before our eyes and it is terrifying. It is hard to look in the face of injustice but we can not turn away. We all should understand that our history and present are what will dictate our future. Hope is a deadly force of good and still an evil villain of illusion. I have hope in humanity because it has never backed down from a fight and has always prevailed over time. We have never followed the tide of change, we have pushed it.

Hurt feelings of offense.

I found that I would allow myself to become upset, negative feelings filling my heart, when I think about all the madness. It is hard seeing boastfulness and blatant pride in a tarnished history, yet by those very people, The Black is painted as the violence and parasite of humanity. We have been slandered for so long that our frustration has festered pitting us against one another, blinding and binding our life, soul, to a glutted beast. We say no more, coming together as man and woman. We stand together as old and young. We stand together poor and disenfranchised. Saying that the life we choose to lead is a life worth living. A life where we choose our path and that path is unlimited. What does America stand for because it does not stand for the Black? What does America kill for when it kills the Black? I think of the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness things I am told belongs to the American. As a Black, I must let go of the fantasy of my humanity. I am not American but animal, wild and untamed. Do I question my humanity or do I question the humanity of a society that denies me the same as their own blood? A people that would stomp right past the truth with envy as if in complete denial of its existence. A people who would turn the mirror upon our face instead of there own simply because they can not stand the sight. Where is the good Samaritan?

Blaming myself despite it all.

Still, in desperation we seek answers, the black man and woman look upon themselves as well as each other upset for the choices they made that lead them here. Continuously able to accept our part of silence and complacency for so long, content with scraps from another’s table. Fully understanding we are not meant for this way of life, it makes us sick and we are not healthy. Our mind, body, and soul unable to continue to live afraid of our abilities to create, we are creators. We won a small victory and lost sight of the war. We have been stuck on trends instead of progress. We still stand abused, for far too long all over the world. The Black has stood by and watched as their lives have meant nothing to the colonist, the greedy, and the money worshipers, all of which are the same. Those of whom have left a trail of blood on their path to worship money and the captivity of flesh since the dawn of their existence. Yet, with my judgmental tone I ask, what life have I lived that relates to that? What right other than the color of my skin do I have to this pain? Is my very existence a reflection of my history or am I disillusioned all together? Why must I continue to question my compassionate soul? And then I ask, who is we? Is we, the black man and woman? Are we, the people? Are we, the white woman and her black family? Are we, the white man and his white family?

Injustice stirring up change.

I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to speak on the destructive force of the police and its enabler the justice system. Simply because what do I know of police brutality other than what I have watched or read. When the police showed up in my childhood it was because we called. When the police pulled me over I never was afraid? Do I have an opinion? Who wouldn’t? I must say that I stand with my family who has spoken out and they do care about the lives of these men and women. They have spoken that they understand that it is not about backgrounds or a case of wrong place at the wrong time or mistaken identity. They have decided that it is a direct attack on our family, always has been, and we must protect. The Royal Family has decreed that it must stop and it shall because it is written. And God said let there be light. Yes, George Floyd and many others even the ones who do not make the news are of the utmost importance. What is the individual but the whole, what is whole but the individual? It is a tragedy that has been committed and continues.

Let us not forget about the conversation of our future and building generational wealth, insurance policies, money management, education, business, the list goes on. Almost like a child beginning to open its eyes or a sad never-ending quest of spreading the Word is The Royal Family, filled with purpose, innocence, and vitality. Our forever journey of progression, moving forward, and building is the very story of my physical and spiritual life. I am right here with my people. Right here ready to clean up our image, to take control of our image. Taking control of what happens to us and for us as a people. No matter what attempts to hold us back. We have always been a force to reckon with. They have never taken us so easily and never will. We do not go where we are pushed and shoved. We must look out for one another. All people, together.

I am an American.

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

– The preamble

It almost seems cruel to read The Preamble and understand its message. The Black American is almost an oxymoron. The Revolution and The Black Americans are synonymous. The Black gave birth to The Revolution. We gave life meaning and not just for ourselves but our captors as well time and time again. We have forged great countries time and time again. We sacrificed and bled for our very existence upon the planet. We must start over, reconstruct, as a people of new beginnings. We must recognize what we have allowed ourselves to become as a society. We must walk away this time with a clean slate and to make that happen we must finish this once and for all. We must realize that it is not Black versus White, Black Power versus White supremacy, nor Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter. This is and will forever be the people vs the government. The government has to represent us all or it must fall. This is my constitution, it may not have been written for me or my ancestors but it is mine now. Black is America.

I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.

– Langston Hughes

You can be you. Peace is love, Madame Woo, a Black woman.

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