Becoming a Spiritual Guide.

…..I find it difficult for me to start my children’s spiritual journey

Hello there, Madame Woo here and welcome to Faithfully Madame where you reap what you sow. The only seeds that are sure to flourish are the ones you plant deep within. Being a parent is a love-love relationship. You might have thought I would say hate. No, maybe frustrating but never hate. Parenting is a creative job, all about being creative let us not miss that mark. I heard someone once say that crisis provokes creativity. Am I in crisis mode? If you love being creative you will find this all extremely enjoyable. Allowing you to come up with plenty of new ideas to make things work. A ceiling, floor, and walls are just a room, it is the things you fill it with that makes it a home. The first ingredient should be love. We are building human beings here people, what could be more fulfilling than that? The difficult part about our job is that we provide all the tools to our creation but we do not have the final say on what they do with them. Just imagine what it is like for The Creator. The excitement comes from not knowing what will happen. We are not God, we are not all-knowing, and whether we know it or not this is a gift.

I have been on a very long journey when it comes to my spirituality and like anyone I have much ahead to ponder. I have studied many religions to see where I fit in and what I agree with in understanding. The list is long of all the doctrines but not one stuck with me fully, just pieces here and there that I carry with me. I grew up a Southern Baptist and I fell in love, I still lean upon those values to this day when I feel lost. Just like most love stories, it came to an end. I found it enlightening at the beginning of my life yet still I felt an urge to stray from that path. Today, I am firm in my belief that religion is just a restricting path to finding God and can, in the end, keep you from that ultimate source of power and rest.

I grew up in a Christian household, so a lot of the people that surrounded me, friends and family, were Christians. I received a lot of judgment from them as I got older and began to discover things on my own. I was warned of being led by the devil. Being told that my shortcomings in life were because God was punishing me for straying from the righteous path. As well I needed to be prayed for to return to God. None of which sat right with me. It was after run-ins like this that I was sure no one could be a leader of my salvation but the Most High. I felt God with me and me with God. I knew God and was assured that God does not punish people. Every step we take in life is necessary to teach us and grow us closer to the Most High. However, the lessons must be learned or you will remain stagnant and not reach your promise. I trust self therefore I trust God within me. I stopped seeing myself as any domination but a child of God, which is my birthright. I have no desire to belong to any group that will not allow me to think for myself. God has given me a creative mind for a reason. God is there to help me discover myself and the world, not to control every decision I make. He is the only one who can judge me yet he does not. He believes in my power and wants me to do the same. It is okay to stand alone if you are standing with God.

With all the things I am certain of within, I still find it difficult to start my children on their spiritual journey. I know most of you have a path laid out already, you will proceed with the religion you follow. They will learn in a temple, mosque, or church. But I ask myself at times is religion important? What has religion been for me? Are my beliefs worth passing on? Will having no religion really affect who my children become? What should I teach my child about the spirit realm? The thing that I know for sure that religion gave me growing up was a good sense of morality. I am surely thankful for those lessons as well as my tried and true moral compass. I care about the development of my children’s connection with the Most High. Yet, I fear becoming too much of a domineering force. I desire to be their priestess guide but not a stronghold. In my family, I really did not have a choice on what to do and how to do it. I’m considered a charlatan, an outcast, for the way I live.

Recently my mother took it upon herself to be a guide for her children. I, of course, I did not step forth to oppose her, I do not fear what she will teach the kids. When she is with them she will read from a children’s story Bible. It did have me answering some pretty tough questions from my children about snakes, death, and apples that I was not prepared for. I still to this day find eminence value in the tales of the bible. I know at the end of the day I have the last say on the subject, but I feel I should have been more prepared and put more stock into the spiritual guidance of my children. Now the time has come. It is hard for children to understand the complexity of the Bible as a spiritual journey of a people chosen to represent people of all kind, set as an example before us. If you have young adults that need help on their spiritual journey that have a great sense of understanding then I recommend, The Bible Project. I stumbled across this as an adult and it has helped me tremendously in my growth.

I remember when I was a child I never really understood heaven, the upper level where God dwells. In the church, they always explained it as this realm that you can not see but does exist. Where God sits on a throne watching over us with Jesus sitting on his right-hand side. I actually laugh at that now. The devil being, an angel, cast from this place and earth is his playground. He is after us and deceives us because he is jealous of us. Even as a child this never made any sense to me simply because it seemed so human and juvenile. I would think the higher powers would be above this way of thinking. I never understood the relationship God had with the devil because of the story of Job. I always wanted to know where did God come from and everyone would always say he was just there. I hated that answer, it explained nothing to me. The only thing I could rely on as a child was that if I was good and obedient to my mother then I would be blessed. The task proved to be more difficult than I thought as the years begin to add up. It is hard not to laugh at that fact.

I got older and discovered more information while designing my relationship with God. I discovered that God is a force that creates balance. A force that moves throughout everything and is not controlled by time and space. You can connect to the force. I know this is sort of sounding like Star Wars, for all the fans out there. However, how you connect to the balance is all up to you. If there is anything that I can leave you with it is that you are in charge, only you will be held accountable. We are all apart of the balance of things no matter what part we play. People believe the devil has control but he has no control and no matter what he does, if he exists, he can not throw things out of balance. This is the part where everything works for the glory of God.

Pondering, questioning, and prayer allowed me to finally pin down where I stood and what to build upon. I finally came up with prayer as a way to help further my young children on their spiritual journey. I know it seems simple, but the best answers usually are. I came to this answer and it was obvious to me because I have trouble being consistent in my prayer. This is what I love about raising my children, I often help myself trying to help them. I have taught the Lord’s Prayer, this is the first prayer of my children. A powerful prayer, in my opinion, bringing me upon a solid foundation of faith in my soul. Although, I do not believe in Jesus or Christ, nor Jesus as the Christ. I do believe in him as a true prophet and his message an important part of my faith in God. I have not yet taught my children how to commune with themselves and God through prayer.

Do not judge me for my opinion. If you do not know much about prayer you will probably think that it is about asking things of God, thanking God, telling God what is going on in your life, or communicating with God. You might also think that speaking in tongues is a way to keep the devil from hearing your prayers. I do not believe in the devil, I believe in the human being. The human mind is capable of doing almost anything except be like God and create balance. That is why we call God into our hearts so he can create balance in our lives for us. The human being has created a devil and evil minions to take the blame for the bad things that happen, instead of taking responsibility. Good and evil do not exist this is the trick of the apple, being all spiritual. By all means, believe as you will, these are just my thoughts. I am only man. Regardless, the point of prayer is for God to communicate with you. Speak less in moments of prayer because God already knows your heart. You should be listening. Prayer works to change you, it works from the inside out. A lot of times we pray so others can hear us, not God.

No man knows what came before or what is to come. He only knows his life. What I share here with you is only my life. I do not share with you to persuade you. There is nothing I want you to believe. Faith is faith for a reason. If you are solid in what you believe and are sure it is worth giving to your child then good for you. You are on the path of certainty. I only understand the world through secrets and hidden meanings. I question everything laid before me not once but a thousand times. There is nothing I am certain of but the power of Love. I share so that you may in some way relate on your own journey of self-discovery which will help you raise your child how you see fit. I am still figuring it out myself. As parents, we have similar questions we need to be answered. That is why I ask for feedback so I can hear others’ points of view as well as receive questions so that we may discover answers together. We should help each other get through this difficult task, it takes a village.

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.

– Henry Matisse

Thank you for joining me for this week’s blog post. My hope for you is passion and creativity in your number 1 job, as a parent. Let us remember how it felt to be children. Everyone’s spiritual journey is their own, make sure you are helping your children grow in love and not religion. Listen to their prayers that is Love, that is God. Spirituality is all about self-healing. Religion is about keeping the flesh in line. The idea of the spirit is that it is free, but the idea of the body is that it is a slave. Your entire being can be free, mind, body, and soul. Everyone is different. Everyone gets something different out of everything. Anything can become a crutch. Peace is Love, Madame Woo

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