Wake Up

Henceforth, you yearn to wake up.
Open your psyche,
Gain transparency.
Can’t take being plugged-in,
The awaiting wilderness.
Try to think simple,
Yet not be simple.
Stretch that tired body out.
You have not moved in how long?
Do not just hop up and go.
Another day in the field,
Hard work never hurt nobody.
You will be alright.
I heard a man don’t work, he don’t eat.
Weirdly, the field is where you want to be.
The field, where it is all happening,
In the midst of all the work.
I’ll tell you a secret.
In the midst there is rest,
perfectly balanced is it.
The Silence, the Peace.
Wake up now, take your place.
This is not perfect, how could it be?
If you were The Creator,
How could you make it more perfect than Thee?
How would you control the wilderness?
That there is the antagonist’s dream.
How about you learn a lesson.
Better yet learn one on your own.
Who are your teachers?
Could you say that which hasn’t already been said?
How can you do what has already been done?
Wake up.
Time travel, come back again.
There will still be a place for you.
The power is in your hands,
Create for the sake of creating.
No one can stop you.
The idea is what makes us human.
Execution is what makes us great.
Wake up, be free.
Live in the midst with me.

Manifested by: Madame Woo

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