I am tired of the bullshit.
I have allowed myself to feel wronged,
Deprived of justice.
Offense lay scarred cross my soul.
I reveal truth,
Upon which you are unable to receive.
Thoughts of mine branded control issues.
This fear feels like a game.
It hurt me to hear you say,
I am afraid.
Putting myself on the line,
These days I could never forget.
You have told me time and time again,
You do not take me serious.
Just an opening number,
The main show I could surely not attend.
I press play,
You say you love me as you do your mother.
I reject it,
I am not woman enough for you.
Never offering me food,
Shoving lectures and criticism down my throat.
Who am I,
A shadow in your wake.
I beg for excitement,
Hell breaks loose.
Not at all feasting upon my cat,
Refusing to tease me.
Longing to know you,
The path not once clear.
Myself only not at all what you want,
I feel unwelcome.
Aspiring to boast of someone genuine,
Interested, far from being tolerated.
Seek to be my friend, everything you claim to be.
Respect me.
Understand do I,
I was played.

Manifested by: Madam Woo

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