Don’t Hurt Me Or My Child.

Rest in Peace Kamille you have touch the hearts and souls of so many.

Hello there, welcome to Faithfully Madame. I look to serve the Most High in a world that defies the very existence of life, the walking dead. Wherever my passion leads me, I am willing to follow. The issue voiced now is one that essentially must be shouted from the rooftops. It ought be disclosed everywhere for the masses to see. Yearning to focus on the emotion and fear surrounding the horrific things that are being done to women and children all over the planet. The injustice we face is disturbing, to say the least. The crimes committed against us are overlooked and measureless. The very people that should be protected and cherished are preyed upon by their protectors.

Recently, in my city, a 3-year-old girl was kidnapped, drugged, raped, and murdered. That young child’s name is Kamille McKinney. Typing those words brought tears to my eyes. I could not even put her name in the same sentence as those beastly practices. I have a 3-year-old daughter and the thought of those egregious things happening to her is devastating. I can not neglect the thoughts of my daughter being all alone, not understanding why this is happening to her. Where are the ones that love her? Crying out for me to save her and me never showing up. No child should have to experience that and society should not except this behavior. These types of people should fear us and they do not. Kamille is certainly not the first and surely not the last, this is a sad fact.

It’s estimated that 600 women a day are raped and sexually assaulted in the US. The women most affected by this are young and or impoverished women. Now I dare not say that 75 percent of all children experience violence a year, which is around 1.7 billion. This violence does include parental punishment and school bullying. Although I do not believe in statistics, I provided some anyway just to give you scope. I believe nothing can be fully understood or without bias. I believe the truth would be well beyond what we see or understand. I am not saying that the world should be perfect. I do understand that things happen for a reason, even the crimes against women and children. It still is not a pill I should swallow happily or even at all. The worst piece of the puzzle is that folks will forget and life will go on. They will forget about the ones that we have lost, but Kamille’s loved ones are still heartbroken and will be to the day they die.

How do we balance our feelings of threat? How do we not succumb to the seemingly real threats in the world? Not becoming overbearing, overprotective, and not live life to the fullest? I am emotional and fearful when it comes to all the things that could happen to my child, long before this story crossed my path. It is hard not to consider these things as a single mother. Everywhere I go I am trying to keep up with 3 walking little ones, as well as focus on the task at hand. Honestly, it was a lot easier when they were babies and I was pushing a stroller. I think of all the ways I have been taken advantage of in my young life. I would hate for my children to be put in any situation that made them helpless much less uncomfortable. As parents, there is this innate sense of protection we feel we must give to our children. Is it in our power to protect them from everything? I know we would like to think yes, but the answer is no. We can take more precautions, be more mindful of the places and people we entrust with our children. However, threats are seemingly everywhere, even in the less obvious places.

It is perfectly okay to take measures to better protect our children and our-self. It is perfectly okay to explain to them the true danger in stranger danger. As well as the level of stranger that exists, a stranger is not always someone you have never met before. We have to remember to do it all in love and not fear. I don’t want to frighten my children. I do want to prepare them, so I work on drills with them. Just like the school runs drills for fire and tornado. My children and I run drills as well for safety measures and in case of. What to do in case this happens?

The truth is, I am not responsible for my children, they are responsible for themselves. I presume that this is a hard lesson to learn as a parent. I do however have a responsibility to them and I want to honor that. I want to provide them with knowledge and put them in places where their understanding can grow until they can choose those places and situations for themselves. As my children get older there will be conversations that will need to be had. I can not be afraid to have those conversations. I can not feel so untouchable that those conversations become obsolete. There is a need to build honest relationships, I know I say this a lot, but even if they are young. Do you think 3 years old is too young? Our society wants to say don’t take a child’s innocence away, but who stole Kamille’s innocence, society. Society steals our innocence, it is the price we pay to live here. No, it is my child’s innocence I want to protect from those who wish to take advantage. We must equip our children with the tools, even at a young age. We must teach them that their greatest most powerful weapon is their mind and not just to hold knowledge but to apply it.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward

Here is your call to action. Take a few moments every day this week and feel some reverence for the situations women and children find themselves in every second of every day. Say a prayer of thankfulness that you and your family have been spared from this disease touching many across the globe. Let us this week show gratitude to our beloved children for their beauty and the gift of being able to bask it. Let them know how appreciated they are in our hearts. You will never know until the day if you could be that devastated parent. It is okay to feel for others even though you have never met, let us also say a prayer for all the grieving parents. Rest in Peace Kamille you have touch the hearts and souls of so many. You will never be forgotten. Peace is love, Madame Woo.

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