Hello there, Madame Woo here and welcome all my loved ones to Faithfully Oneself, come and make peace with the world. There is so much for us to find.

One of the main roles in this life for me is being a mother. I grasp hold of that privilege for dear life, it is not something I discount.

– Madame Woo

Anchored here, in my world, is the sensitive yet discerning self-awareness of my experience in regards to womanhood, motherhood, and humanity. Take a step inside a place I hope you will call home as you travel on a journey of self-discovery.

I aspire with this platform to shine a spotlight on being a single mother, budding entrepreneur, passionate writer, and faithful woman through subjects such as advocacy, bonding, discipline, passion, spirituality, sexuality, purpose, stress, depression, and much more. I hope to encourage you to express yourself through your art as an originator because like ‘The Beetles’ said you can be you, its easy.

Find your Truth.

Hopefully this will inspire others to take that leap of faith for themselves. If this just helps one person discover their world, then my labor of love will be worth it. I hope to step from the shadows into the light of my promise and I hope that you will join me.

– Madame Woo


Faithful Madame is essentially me. A lifestyle opinion piece of artistry. A passage through my evolution and human experience. It is the voice I lend to the masses in order to encourage, inspire, and force introspection.

Create a home that means something to you.

The story begins at home….

I am no professional cook, interior designer or professional crafts woman but I am a homemaker.

I have designed ‘Faithfully Homemade’ for the handcrafted homemaker.

The homemaker that does not allow the world to dictate to them the essence of their home-life who they will be, what they will do and how they will do it. They are handcrafted, unique in their own right. Ready to take on the challenges of the household with their own finesse.

Be sure guardians, there is no sure-fire way to do anything, especially parent.

-Madame Woo


Faithfully Oneself presents Faithfully Social an event planning and decor trade stationed in Birmingham, Al. Faithfully Social wants to help you create truly unforgettable moments through unique balloon artistry and more.

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