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Welcome to Faithfully Oneself the home of Madame Woo the creator of The Flower Pot podcast. A mother, writer, and supporter of self-discovery.

Anchored in this site is Faithfully Madame a blog centered around parenting, entrepreneurship, writing, and faith. Touching on subjects such as advocacy, bonding, discipline, passion, spirituality, sexuality, purpose, stress, depression, economics, and much more. Take a step inside the rabbit hole as I embark on a journey, shining a spotlight on being a single mother, budding entrepreneur, passionate writer, and faithful woman. Encouraging you to express yourself through your art as an originator.

When life has gotten the better of you it may feel like there is no way through. I have felt the feeling of desperation. Folks can tell you what you should do but until you take that step for yourself you will never truly understand the truth. This website is peek into my world and what my life means to me. Washing the taste of desperation from my tongue. I am going to put to work some advice while stepping forward on my fool’s journey. Hopefully this will inspire others to take that leap of faith for themselves. If this just helps one person discover their world, then my labor of love will be worth it. I hope to step from the shadows into the light of my promise and I hope that you will join me.