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Hello there, Madame Woo here, and welcome all my friends to Faithfully Oneself. I am a freelance writer and mother of 3 looking to motivate myself and others into fulfillment, self-discovery, and spirituality. Come and make peace with the world and let us discover it together. There is so much for us to realize.

Faithfully Madame

Anchored in this blog, is the sensitive yet discerning self-awareness of my personal experience in regards to womanhood, motherhood, and humanity. Take a step inside a place I hope you will call home as you travel on a journey of self-discovery.

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Minimalism & Parenting: Choosing Things That Serve You

As the last of the winter clothes are tucked away into storage and the swimsuits and sunbeams come out, there is a twinkle in the air of modernism and progression. It is all around us not just in fashion, politics, and even business but also in the way we raise our children. The world is screaming for change, it is time that we listen to her. It all seems just a little unconventional yet still a familiar way of life, as though we are returning to an unseen natural way. … Continue reading →

Sexuality Pushing Boundaries in Society

I remember, on an episode of Sex in the City, Samantha, the more sexually fluid of the group, made a prediction on the future of sex being pansexual. It seems to be leaning in that direction in my opinion. It seems to me feminism has open the door to society questioning the traditional gender roles. Once you open the door you do not get to regulate what comes through it, in other words, the floodgates open. … Continue reading →

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With this platform, I aspire to shine a spotlight on being a single mother, budding entrepreneur, passionate writer and faithful woman through subjects such as advocacy, bonding, passion, purpose, spirituality, sexuality, stress, depression, and much more. I hope to encourage you to express yourself through your creativity are as an originator because like The Beetles said ‘you can be you, its easy’.

Faithfully Homemade

Our Stories begin at home, the environment that most of us spend a lot of our time. I am no professional cook, interior designer, or professional craftswoman but I am a homemaker. A homemaker who does not allow the world to dictate to them the essence of their home-life, who they will be, what they will do and how they will do it. They are handcrafted, unique in their own right. Ready to take on the challenges of the household with their own finesse.

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